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22/10/2019: Browser version wasn't working so I've disabled it.

This is my first entry into the Ludum Dare, and I’m really pleased with having created something. The game was a lot of fun to make, and hopefully it’s fun to play as well!


Earth’s overpopulation crisis has led humanity to flee to Mars. You are tasked with managing a colony on the red planet and dealing with the constant influx of colonists. Be warned, the mass exodus from Earth is unsustainable and you will inevitably run out of space. Your goal is to survive as long as possible.


Tools used:

Written in Java with Eclipse IDE, LibGDX as game engine

Graphics made using paint.net

Sounds made using bfxr


Last Days on Mars.zip 6 MB


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it wont start

weird, doesn't start anymore for me either. I haven't changed anything, so I have no idea why.

Really enjoyable game. I got about 10 games till found the clue how to survive first 12 turns. Then it was a piece of cake :).

It is a piece of puzzle and strategy at once. Also "run out of space" is a perfect word here :).